Hight Family Christmas Light Show

Hight Family Christmas Light Show
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And God said, "Let there be light;" and there was light
Genesis 1:3
2017 Chrsitmas Light Schedule
Nov 26th-Dec 31th | 5:30-10pm (11pm on Fri & Sat)
Important Update!!!
We will not be doing a musical display this year. I know, I know, but dry your eyes as we will be back in future years. I have been traveling more for work recently which made it incredibly tough to find the time to expand the display this year. This, coupled with making a decision to go back to school, caused us to scale back just a bit. We removed some of the display elements and will only have an animation sequence going this year. We are not sure as of yet what next year will hold, but we will update as soon as a decision has been made. Thank you for all your support throughout the years.

We are a private residential Christmas light display designed programmed and built entirely by the Hight family. These are not your traditional Christmas lights! We utilize the latest technology to transform the house into an amazing array of colors and bring thousands of lights  to life as they dance to your favorite holiday music.  Find us here and for more info visit, our fact page. Or check out the display on our video and gallery pages. If you are local and would like to show your appreciation for our display we do accept food donations for St. Mary's Food Bank outside of our display each night.

Thank you and God bless!
The Christmas Story
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2016 Videos are up!!
We were down for 3 years and rebuilt from scratch in 2015. It was a huge endeavor to build the display from ground up, but we were up and running as planned with 4 songs. We made some big enhancements this year, in 2016 but fell short of what we had planned. A few elements were left off and we weren't able to expand our song selection. We are already working on the 2017 display which will have some great new elements to feature as well as some new exciting songs and sequences that will truly take the display to the next level. We thank all of our fans for your continued encouragement and support!! Your kind words and feedback are so greatly appreciated!
What's Planned for 2016:
-- P10 Info Panel
-- Redesigned Fan Arches
-- Larger window matrix
-- Additional 4' X 12' matrix
-- Really Big Light border
-- New programming software (XLights)
-- New songs (including custom Christmas dubstep)

Display Highlights
-- 100% LED Pixel lighting
-- 16ft tall North Star (on second story 44ft in the air)
-- 19ft tall Pixel Mega Tree with 2400 channels of control
-- 4 PEX leaping arches
-- 26,622 channels of control
-- 9,610Pixel Nodes, 28,830 Lights
-- 5 Controllers - (4) SanDevices682, (1) Falcon F16V2

Current & Previous Years Stats:
2016 -- 28,830 Lights, 26,622 Channels, 9,610 Pixel Nodes, 510lbs of food donated
2015 -- 15,402 Lights, 13,194 Channels, 5,134 Pixel Nodes,     208lbs of food donated
2011 -- 51,198 Lights, 160 Channels, 911lbs of food donated
2010 -- 61,398 Lights, 144 Channels, 591lbs of food donated
2009 -- 101,502 Lights, 144 Channels
2008 -- 58,779 Lights, 80 Channels
Lighted Buggy Parade
outside our house!!

Lighted buggy parade came by to see the house tonight! They curled around the block 3 times. I love it!

Posted by Hight Fantasy Lights on Saturday, December 12, 2015
We live in Surprise, Arizona - nothing like Christmas in the desert! We have always loved to go "all out" for Christmas and decorating our house with lights and then adding animation is a tradition that just sort of happened. Our Chrsitmas Light Show, is something that the whole family participates in and it's a large part of our holiday season.

Our household includes my wife and I, along with our 5 wonderful children ranging in age from 19 down to 4. As if that already isn't a full house, we also have 3 dogs and 2 cats. There is definitely never a dull moment in our household and we love almost every minute of it.
Tony is an Area Sales Manager for a team of skilled Business-to-Business Sales professionals in the Greater Phoenix area and Southern Arizona. He is incredibly competitive, both personally and professionally which is the trait that fuels his passion for this hobby. His personality won't let him stop until he is the biggest on the block.

Tony is always looking to expand his professional network and would like to invite you to connect on LinkedIn.
It is Christy's creativity and design opinions that help make the display as beautiful as it is. She utilizes this creativity in her daily life as well. In addition to being a mom of 5, she teaches piano part time and runs her own successful business - Christy's Tutus & More where she crafts handmade tutus, dresses, hair bows and more.

Check her business and all that she has to offer below, all able to be shipped directly to you!
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