Hight Family Christmas Light Show

Hight Family Christmas Light Show
Christmas Light Show Links

** Ray Wu - My main vendor for lights, cheap prices and great customer service!
** Boscoyo Studio - My main vendor for props and accessories. Great products and service!
** Falcon Store - My main vendor for controllers. Simply the best controllers out there!!
** DIY LED Express - Solid vendor with great service
** Crockett Fantasy of Lights - Solid vendor and active in the community
** xLights - The best pixel lighting software available with a great support community and developers!
** Vixen Lights - Another solid software package
** Light-O-Rama - Lighting products and software, but a little more pricey and less DIY
** Christmas Light Show
** Holiday Coro
    Paul Zhang

** Vendors I use currently or have in the past

xLights Facebook Page - Incredible Group of People always willing to help
xLights Facebook Page - Another, slightly less used page
FPP Facebook Page - Support page for Falcon Pi Player
Falcon Forums - Great support forum for all things Falcon
Aus Christmas Lighting - Great forum for lighting information from our friends in Australia
Do-It-Yourself Christmas - Very robust forum for DIY
DIY Christmas - Another decent forum for DIY
Planet Christmas - Great forums for information
Light-O-Rama - Information around their products and services
Light-O-Rama Forums - Good forums for LOR users
FPP Setup - Detailed Wiki to set up FPP on Raspberry Pi
Octoscroller P10 Matrix - Wiki describing steps to build Octoscroller Matrix Display
Power Supplies - Great Wiki on power supplies
12v vs 5v - Small tidbit on the differences (do your research, commit to one and stick with it)
Power Injection - Power injection Wiki
Piskel - Free online sprite editor
Audacity - Best audio editor around
Magic Christmas News - Mr. Monkhouse's site. Maker of the Portable Hole and Jump Pole

Aus Christmas Lighting YouTube - Great xLights Tutorials
Gil Jones YouTube - An xLights developer
Leechburg Lights YouTube - More great xLights tutorials
RyanCook83 YouTube - Featured on The Great Christmas Light Fight, good xLights tutorials
Keith Westley YouTube - Some great xLights tutorials
David Pitts YouTube - Videos from the Falcon creator
David Pitts youTube (2) - Another  page from the Falcon Creator
ListenToOurLights YouTube - Nice tutorials on various subjects
Mark Rash YouTube - Good tutorials on various subjects
Sean Meighan Vimeo - Good xLights videos and sequence previews

AUS Christmas Lighting 101 Manual - Great guide for getting started
P10 Basic Setup - Great guide for P10's
P10 Help Guide - More useful P10 information
3D Snow - mp4 file for snow background on P10 matrix
Singing Matrix Faces - File to help with faces on matrix
Snowman Faces - Pics of snowman for singing snowman
xLights Key Bindings File - XML doc to add shortcut keys in xLights
Wire Chart - Chart that covers wire gauges, amperages and relational distance
Mega Tree Calculator - Helps calculate string lenght and spacing
Outline Calculator - File to help calculate needs for house outline
DC to DC - Covers converters, power injection and pixels
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